We always welcome feedback from those who have completed research within our Trust.

If you have taken part in a research study before please click here to complete the Research Participant Experience Survey. Your responses will be anonymous and sent to the Clinical Research Network West Midlands (National Institute for Health Research).

Please contact our PRES champion, Karen O’Brien, if you have any queries: karen.o’brien3@nhs.net.

‘I had taken part in a research study before.

I took part in research because I wanted to.

I felt the staff explained the study well and gave me time to think about if I wanted to take part, but I knew I was going to do it to help my family.

I was invited to take part in a research trial that was about exercise and dementia. The research trial was called DAPA – Dementia and Physical Activity.

Before I took part in the research I had enough information given to me about it and I was happy to do it. I decided to take part as I could get out of the house and I enjoyed the company of the exercise group. I got on well with the other people who attended the group. The physiotherapist who ran the group was lovely and even telephoned me after the trial had finished to see how I was after I had been in hospital. 

The research has helped me as I was able to get out of the house and see other people, which also took my mind off my health problems. The physical exercises were beneficial to my body as well.

It did not cost me anything to take part in the trial as transport was paid for and we sometimes had free refreshments at the exercise class as well. The exercise class was not too long either.

As part of the trial I had to complete memory tasks at home which did not take up too much time and it took my mind off things. I was happy to do the memory tasks and I was happy that the researcher visited me. The instructions for the memory tasks and at the exercise group were easy to follow and I cannot fault them.

I would definitely recommend taking part in research to friends and family.