As NHS England's first anti-racism framework, the Patient and Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF) helps NHS mental health trusts to improve services for people from diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds.

The PCREF is a partnership with local services, including the police and local authorities, as well as community and voluntary organisations, patients, service users, carers, families and communities.

Our aim is to make sure diverse and minoritised communities are working together to make the PCREF part of standard practice for NHS trusts.

8 July 2024

Kuli-Kaur Wilson (Chief Strategy and Partnerships Officer) and Carolyn Green (Chief Nursing Officer) hosted a PCREF and partnership working meeting with community organisations and advocates on 8 July. If you would like to attend a future meeting please email:

Service users from racialised communities (and their families and carers) should feel more involved with the organisation, and see opportunities to work in partnership to develop and review local PCREF plans. They will also feel that their voice is being heard, including with the Trust Board of Directors.

Service users and patients will know that their experience is being listened to as the organisation will regularly look at data and review their feedback to help make continual improvements to services. They will know how to give feedback, and will feel comfortable and confident to do so.

Services will be better tailored to the needs of the community. 

The PCREF has three key aspects:

Leadership and governance

Our Trust board will lead on establishing and monitoring plans of action to reduce health inequalities.


New data on improvements in reducing health inequalities will be published, as well as details on ethnicity in all existing data we collect.


There will be visible and effective ways for our patients and carers to feedback (and feel comfortable and confident to do so), as well as clear processes to act and report on that feedback.

We recognise that people have different experiences depending on their race and background. We are more open about having conversations about race and inequalities, and will be working hard to come up with solutions to address racism and racial inequality.

We want to encourage our patients, service users, carers, families, community and voluntary organisations, governors and members of the public to get involved with working in partnership to develop the PCREF.

We also want to hear about your experience of ethnicity recording, ethnicity, culture and mental health.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

The people leading the implementation of the PCREF at the Trust are:

Nageena Bibi, Head of Mental Health Act Legislation

Olivia Horgan, Health Inequalities Strategy and Delivery Manager

The Executive Lead for PCREF is:

Kuli Kaur-Wilson, Chief Strategy and Partnerships Officer


You can contact Nageena, Olivia and Kuli by emailing: