Innovation is a vital part of the future development of BCHFT as we strive to be a forward thinking, leading mental health trust nationally. R&I play an important role in shaping the future of the Trust through supporting the adoption of new innovative approaches and ways of working, alongside supporting the development and design of new ideas.

Developing our approach to innovation is key to the strategic objectives of R&I, in order to develop an innovation portfolio and support staff across the Trust to develop ideas and approaches, we have introduced an innovation part to the R&I committee in order to share ideas.

The R&I team have also has been supporting the quality improvement group, contributing to BCHFT striving to be an outstanding Trust who recognises the importance of innovation. The team also currently contributes to the reimagine group looking at how we move forward as a new Trust and looking at lessons learnt from the COVID pandemic, ensuring that innovation is recognised and celebrated in the Trust. This is even more important moving forward in the sustainable transformation plan/integrated care plans for the region, allowing the Trust to respond creatively to the needs of the population that serve.

In future this page will be used to share innovative new projects and ideas, but at present if you have any projects or ideas that you would like support with please contact R&I.