Please note that not all studies are listed below as some studies do not allow online promotion, or may require targeted promotion and cannot be shared widely.


ISARIC: Clinical Characterisation Protocol for Severe Emerging Infection

Principal Investigator: Dr Kamatchi

Study Coordinator: Laura Lord 

Recruitment End Date: Ongoing study with end date TBC

CO-CAT: Child Anxiety Treatment in the context of COVID-19 (Co-CAT): Enabling CAMHS to provide efficient remote treatment for child anxiety problems

Principal Investigator: Dr Pemmeraju

Study Coordinator: Aurora Balalia

Recruitment End Date: 31/07/2022

Study Information: News article


SIREN: SARS-COV2 immunity and reinfection evaluation; The impact of detectable anti SARS-COV2 antibody on the incidence of COVID-19 in healthcare workers

Principal Investigator: Alison Grant

Study Coordinator: Suzee Chang

Recruitment End Date: 31/03/2024

Study Information: Public Health England update | Latest Findings | 18 Months On (Video)

Click here for the CCP-UK Patient Notification Form, notifying participants about how their data is used in our study.

Mental Health

GLAD: Genetic Links to Anxiety and Depression

Principal Investigator: Dr Pemmaraju

Study Coordinator: Laura Jenkins

Recruitment End Date: 01/09/2028

Study Information: Study sign up link


NCMH: National Centre for Mental Health

Principal Investigator: Dr Juhi Sharma

Study Coordinator: Aurora Balalia

Recruitment End Date: 01/03/2025

Study Information: Study websit


NCISH: National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness

Principal Investigator: Professor Louis Appleby

Recruitment End Date: 31/03/2024

Study Information: Lay summary and Infographic regarding the National Data Opt-Out exemption for NCISH


EDGI: Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative

Principal Investigator: Dr Viswanathan

Study Coordinator: Suzee Chang

Recruitment End Date: 01/09/2024

Study Information: Study sign up link


RECOLLECT 2: Exploring the impact of Recovery Colleges on Student Outcomes and factors which affect these

Principal Investigator: Kerry Wilkes

Study Coordinator: Shemayne Walker

Recruitment End Date: 31/03/2024



Principal Investigator: Dr Sunandan Banerjee

Study Coordinator: Karen O'Brien

Recruitment End Date: 20/05/2024


PPiP2: Prevalence of Pathogenic Antibodies in Psychosis 2 (PPiP2)

Principal Investigator: Dr Surendra Singh

Study Coordinator: Raj Bains

Recruitment End Date: 30/11/2027

Study Information: Study website

Vapeline: Do e-cigarettes help smokers quit when not accompanied by intensive behavioural support?

Principal Investigator: Raj Bains (Aurora Balalia, Co-PI)

Study Coordinator: Katrinia Henderson

Recruitment End Date: 23/05/2023

Study Information: Study website


Urban Mind: Using smartphone-based monitoring to understand and predict risk of psychotic relapse at the individual level

Principal Investigator: Dr Tulika Prasad

Study Coordinator: Aurora BalaliaSelina Kausar

Recruitment End Date: 01/09/2024

Shame and Medicine: The Shame and Medicine Project 

Principal Investigator: Dr Juhi Sharma

Study Coordinator: Selina Kausar

Recruitment End Date: 31/12/2023

Study Information: Study website


ESCAPE: integrating Smoking Cessation treatment as part of routine Psychological care for depression: a pragmatic randomised controlled, acceptability and feasibility trial

Principal Investigator: Carl Burgess

Study Coordinator: Aurora Balalia

Recruitment End Date: 31/08/2021 | Follow-ups in progress

Study Information: Study website


Digital Tech: The role of Digital Technologies for Health Promotion in Youth Mental Health Settings: A Survey of Service User Perspectives

Principal Investigator: Alison Grant

Study Coordinator: Selina Kausar

Recruitment End Date: 01/12/2022


What People Think About Doing Physical Activity- A Questionnaire Study

Principal Investigator: Alison Grant

Study Coordinator: Raj Bains

Recruitment End Date: 01/04/2024

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies

CAMHS AIDE: Clinician Knowledge, Confidence, and Approaches Used in the Provision of Psychological Therapy to Autistic Individuals and Individuals with Intellectual Disability in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: Mental Health Provider Survey.

Local Collaborator: Dr. Bukola Awoyemi and Dr Reka Ajay Sundhar

Study Coordinator: Katrinia Henderson & Suzee Chang

Recruitment End Date: 31/03/2024


MELD: Mapping and Evaluating Services for Children with Learning Disabilities and Behaviours that Challenge (MELD): Stage 2 (WP 2.1 only)

Principal Investigator: Chloe Howells

Study Coordinator: Katrinia Henderson

Recruitment End Date: TBC

TOGETHER: Trialling an optimised social groups intervention in services to enhance social connectedness and mental Health in vulnerable young people: A feasibility study

Principal Investigator: Aurora Balalia

Study Coordinator: Shemayne Walker

Recruitment End Date: 30/01/2023

Study Information: Study poster


OPEN DOOR PROJECT: To better understand barriers to accessing evidence-based psychological treatment for OCD in the perinatal period and to develop recommendations for improving access to treatment.

Principal Investigator: Laura Jenkins

Study Coordinator: Shemayne Walker

Recruitment End Date: 28/04/2023

Study Information: Study poster

Learning Disabilities

STRATA: A multicentre double-blind placebo-controlled randomised trial of SerTRaline for AnxieTy in adults with a diagnosis of Autism

Principal Investigator: Dr Rose Jones

Study Coordinator: Suzee Chang

Recruitment End Date: 30/11/2023

Study Information: Study website

TRAUMA-AID: Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing for symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in adults with intellectual disabilities 

Principal Investigator: Dr David Rose

Study Coordinator: Laura Lord

Recruitment End Date: TBC


Safer Online Lives: use of the internet & social media by people with Intellectual Disabilities

Principal Investigator: N/A

Study Coordinator: Selina Kausar

Recruitment End Date: 15/07/2022

Study Information: Study Poster (Adults with Intellectual Disabilities) | Study Poster (Carers and Professionals)


We have previously supported a variety of dementia trials. We do not have any studies open at the Trust, as dementia research was impacted by the pandemic.

We are actively looking for studies and welcome study teams getting in touch with us! Please check back for updates.