'I am me' is a booklet that may be helpful to use if there are changes in care for a person living with dementia. 

Going into hospital or respite can be difficult for people with dementia due to the unfamiliar surroundings, people and routines. The Admiral Nurses who are specialist dementia nurses have designed this booklet so that people with dementia can get the personalised care they would want.

The information that they and their family/carer include in the booklet will help the new care provider know much more about them, helping them to understand their likes and dislikes, interests, preferences, health and wellbeing needs and more.

Once the booklet has been completed it can be kept in a safe place with any items that you would take with someone if they were going into hospital or respite care. 

Watch our 'I am me' animation to learn more about the booklet and the positive impact it can have. The animation opens in YouTube.

I am me v4 with voiceover.png