As an NHS organisation, we are required to make a number of documents and publications public and readily available that relate to our day-to-day business.

On this page you'll be able to find out more about the Trust by reading through some of our key documents. You can read these by clicking on the tabs below.

Below gives an overview of the Trust's response to the Hard Truths Commitments, the Government's initiative on publishing in-patient nurse staffing data.

All NHS Trusts with inpatient areas are required to report on staffing levels for every shift on each ward, presenting the planned numbers against the actual number of staff on duty. The expectation is that Trust boards will be able to assure patients, families, carers, commissioners, regulators and NHS England that their hospitals are providing the right number of staff with the right skills to care for patients safely and effectively.

Reviews of monthly staffing levels, can be viewed below:

For previous BCPFT reports, click here

For previous DWMH reports, click here


Monthly Staffing Reports and unify data returns

March 2021 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCHFT)

February 2021 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCHFT)

January 2021 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCHFT)

December 2020 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCHFT)

November 2020 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCHFT)

October 2020 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCHFT)

September 2020 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCHFT)

May - July 2020 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCHFT)

April 2020 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (DWMH)

April 2020 - Safe Staffing Unify Summary (BCPFT)

A key part of the government's transparency agenda is the opening up of data held by government bodies, including NHS organisations. In summary, the Trust is required to publish all expenditure over £25,000 on an ongoing basis, on the 15th working day of each month.

Please visit the Trust's pages here for the Trust’s expenditure over £25,000. The data within these documents is published on a monthly basis which includes all expenditure to a supplier which reaches an accumulative total spend of £25,000 or more. The documents are provided in CSV format and may take some time to load.

The Trust has to have a Constitution, which is a document that describes how the Trust is to be governed. It includes those rules that are required legally together with others that have been locally determined.

With effect from 19th November 2014, the Board of Directors agrees any amendments to the Constitution, but these have to be approved by the Assembly of Governors. The current version of the approved Constitution can be viewed here.